Docuflow is an application that enables teams to share, chat about and keep track of important documentation.

Keep track of all your documents

Save your documents in stages
Docuflow can be tailored to match any of your existing internal workflows. Create rules to determine how and where you want your documentation to be saved:
  • Create stages
  • Assign the required documentation per stage
  • Assign approvals per stage
  • Alert the relevant parties via email notifications
Keep everyone in the loop
To save on time, chats on docuflow are directly linked to your documentation. This makes it simpler to reference documents in conversations. It also streamlines communication between departments:
  • Flow based conversations
  • Mentions
  • Conversations view Management
  • Direct Messages
  • Email Notifications
Easily locate your documents
Dashboards are the compass to your content on Docuflow. Each dashboard allows you to conduct contextual in-depth searches for specific documentation and/or content.
  • Rich and accurate keyword search
  • Stage based filtering
  • Date based filtering
  • Actionable insights

Core features


Every process is broken down into a series of stages. Each stage has a predefined requirement such a document upload or director approval.


Each workflow is assigned a unique chat room to allow for seamless conversation around pertinent documentation. Users with mentions receive email and in-app notifications.

Writing Automated Emails

Email alerts are triggered by preconfigured events such as a payment approval or uploaded documents.

In-chat search

Our in-chat click to scroll feature automatically scrolls the user to the documents location within a chat.

Document uploading

Upload documents and their pertinent metadata (e.g. payment terms, delivery deadlines)


Give approvals for processes or transactions.